Tucson’s local manufacturer of fine, custom beds. Where custom comfort is our number one priority.


• We are Tucson’s local manufacturer – no middle man mark-up

• We listen to what our customer’s need and create the ideal fit

• We stand by our products with a specialized warranty on each of our products

• We offer superior service with every purchase you make with A-1 Mattress

• We only create A-1 Mattress brand mattresses according to your specifications

• We compete only with ourselves, to create a superior experience as well as product

• We are a family owned and operated company and we make our products here in Tucson, AZ.



You need the perfect mattress size for the best sleep. Tucson, Arizona

Choosing the right mattress size will help you with your sleep?
Mattress size explanation from the Sleep Experts® .


A-1 Mattress Inc. began in 1978 with a father and son team, which quickly expanded into a family endeavor. We have been a part of Tucson for the past 35 years and growing. Being a part of this community has been our main goal. Creating jobs for Tucson and keeping our city beautiful with recycling programs. We also sponsor local football teams and other school activities.

Our main focus has always been your sleep and we strive to make high quality beds that give you the ultimate comfort. Our team of Sleep Experts® knows that every one spends about a third of their life in bed, so why not make it the best experience you can.